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‘I used to know a company director who always asked the recruitment candidate “Do you play golf?”  When I asked him why he asked this question he said, “I don’t know but I always have”.  “So what difference does it make what you answer?”  “I don’t really know” came the reply.  Many people go through what has become a tedious ritual when recruiting.  “We just can’t find the staff”, “We never find the right people and they only leave again anyway”.  “I hate having to recruit staff, it’s such a waste of my time when I should be doing what I am really employed to do”’.  

As Business Psychologists we also provide a recruitment service but one with a significantly different approach and of significantly more depth.  In a survey carried out by the CIPD one in five new recruits left their organisations within the first six months.  In the vast majority of cases this is due to inadequacies in the selection process, which we can minimize and save our client money and time.

Should you prefer not to use a recruitment agency service, as specialists in the field we also offer professional consultancy support providing practical help or advice at any level and at any stage. These areas include writing job descriptions, advertisement maximisation, psychological testing and reporting and interview training to name just a few.  


It costs over £30K to replace a staff member

By Editor, HRreview – Tuesday, February 25, 2014